Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where the shuttle at?

Brainstorm Project Idea 2:

One idea that just came to me when watching Sam Joseph’s week 2 video was when he mentioned logistical issues in my life relating to school and for some reason the first thing that pops into my mind is the school’s shuttle system. Now the shuttle system isn’t that bad or too much of an issue, I feel its decent but I think I know a way to help make it better. The school’s very own Shuttle estimated arrival time program/ app. I actually first heard of this idea back during my freshmen year in college at either a computer club meeting or from a professor, I can’t really remember exactly who I got the idea from but it was then and I still don’t see that app now. The Honolulu city bus or “TheBus” actually has this kind of application called “The Bus – HEA” HEA stands for Honolulu estimated Arrival time. Basically what this app does is you first enter the bus stop ID so the app knows what bus stop you are at and what buses go to that bus stop. I find it really handy since I take the bus and I just like to know how long I have to wait for. So I think implementing TheBus’s  app for the school’s shuttle would be neat. Students will know when the shuttle arrives and leaves. I know the shuttle schedule has fixed times and will always come every 15 minutes. But lets say you decide to catch the shuttle outside of your daily routines, or maybe there was a car accident in the shuttle’s route which will cause traffic and slow down the shuttles, or maybe there was just a lot of students at the shuttle stop that one of the shuttles had to take some students and leave really early. Anyways the point is, lets say you want to catch the shuttle but it doesn’t arrive on time, well you would now have an app that would tell you that the current shuttle left a few minutes early or will arrive in 2 minutes. This program will be a mobile app since I fell that is where it will be most effective.


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  1. Cool. I believe a couple of HPU students have made theBus apps, Melvin Thomas and Nate Befus: A shuttle one would be great!