Wednesday, February 5, 2014

HPU League of Legends Club??

Brainstorm Project Idea 1:

I am a gamer, I love playing video games and in fact I would really like to turn my passion for gaming into my career. So far all I know how to do that I feel would be beneficial to work in the gaming industry is to program, so I guess one option for me is to become a video game programmer. Of course, nothing is set in stone for me yet and I would like to keep my options open and explore other type of jobs that works for gaming companies. One gaming company that I dream to work for is Riot games, which is known for their world popular game, League of Legends. League of Legends is one of the games that I am currently playing and have been playing for a while actually. Anyways last semester I was actually planning on organizing a League of Legends club. I have friends in UH Manoa and UH Maui and their Universities both have their very own League of Legends club. I thought “Hey if UH Manoa has a league of legends club then why not HPU?” I know a couple of people or a good chunk of people I should say that plays league of legends at HPU. I first got the club idea from an announcement on league of legends and here it is! I thought it was neat that a league of legends club is more than just playing a video game, it’s about making a community and meeting new people!   

So why haven’t I made this club? Well last semester I was pretty busy and this semester is no different and I have never been an officer for a club before or let alone make a club. But if I decide to make this club a project then I’ll have more of a reason to make this club! So what about the software stuff? Well I was thinking I could maybe make a webpage for this club instead of using Facebook groups or some other social networking site. Although I have also never made a website before but I would really like to learn how to do some web design! A few other problems that might occur would be recruitment and planning socials. But this is idea is still an idea for now.

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  1. Cool. Jarred worked on something not completely unrelated last semester: I imagine he'd be interested in a club ...