Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reaching out

My method of contact would be through email since it is the option most comfortable to me. I felt like this email would be versatile for all three of my options but I mainly targeted this email for either my HPU shuttle project or the computer club project.


To whom this may concern,
            My name is John Garo and I am taking a course along with other students called Software Engineering at Hawaii Pacific University. One of our goals is to reach out into the community and help out a non-profit/local organization like yours, by any means of software development. For example, maybe we could help develop a type of mobile application, create a website, or even improve a website that works with your organization. We all have programming background and this would be a great opportunity for us to apply our skills as a real-life application. This will be a great learning experience for us to actually work with an actual company/organization.

Please let us know if we would help!

John Garo


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  1. Great work, but note that you're not required to build a complete working system - just discuss possibilities in the first instance