Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Possible Events for the HPU computer club

A club that I am supposedly involved in is the HPU computer club. I have actually been in the club since my freshmen year which is roughly two years ago. I wasn't really an active member to the club but I really do want to become more active. Usually the reason why I am inactive is the club meetings or socials usually conflicts with my schedule, like I would have class using a meeting.  Anyways I thought of some type of events or socials that he club could have that I would find interesting and also relate to computers in general.

  • Mini programming contests
  • Video game tourneys 
  • Study halls with upperclassmen 
  • Field trips at local places where computer science could be used?

These are some current ideas I have for now, I will definitely update if i come up with more ideas


  1. Great idea. I think Mike Mercer is thinking along similar lines:

  2. And I wonder if you could get a minimum viable prototype (MVP) out of the current google calendaring and event system?

  3. John, so glad I stumbled across this post! Did you get the email sent out earlier this week regarding our upcoming events for February? Many of the concepts you have suggested are right in line with some of the events we have scheduled already! Looking forward to helping you get involved in whatever way you want :)