Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stakeholders for the possible LoL club

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A list of possible stakeholders for a potential League of Legends club would be:
  • Current League of Legends players/fanatics 
    • This club is for them and I believe this club will establish a LoL community 
  • Potential League of Legends players
    • This club could attract some new people/players and with current players, they could help them out
    • Potential people could be gamers or even people that haven't played games before
  • Other League of Legends club/HPU students
    • As I mentioned in the original post, there are already League of legends clubs made in UH Manoa and UH Maui. So with another club made, the league of legends community could expand even more than just in HPU but the entire state maybe

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  1. These are stakeholders in the club, however we were hoping to look at the stakeholders in the technology solution to some challenge that the club faces, which is a slightly different thing. Developing the club idea is really interesting, but for the purposes of this class we need to define a particular logistical or organizational challenge that the club might face.