Saturday, May 10, 2014

Software Engineering Final Presentation

Slides :

Video Presentation:
This was done on Saturday May 10, 2014 around 9:45am
I was using Google hangout on air so sorry if I didn't display my face
Also I recorded this at my apartment and I live next to a busy street so I apologize if the background noise was over powering.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

HTML prototype meeting

Final meeting with my client

Thursday May 8,2014
@HPU Sea warrior center

I basically showed my client the HTML prototype of the website or parts of the website. Then I asked him if there were any suggestions or improvements he would like. He said he wanted to see more design and color. He wanted a very flashy website but I told him that I had an extent to web design and I couldn't really do much. I figured I would need to learn CSS or use dream weaver but like i said my web design skills are very novice. My client also told me he wanted me to add in a few extra more sections on certain pages. For example he wanted an announcement page where he could post events and general announcements. I believe that announcement page would probably be similar to facebook's wall or twitter's tweets. He also wanted a little photo album section to post pictures. Another section called daily meetings with specific roles on the RSVP page. Lastly he also mentioned he wanted a little link to facebook, probably to connect to their current club website.

The meeting was recorded and here is the video:

Quick brief interview of final presentation

First of course is introductions, I will introduce myself and who my client is and what organization I am working with.
Next I will talk about my very first interview with my client. I will explain the information I obtained from that interview and that basically lead to what I planned to do for my project.  Some information that I obtained was what their organization was about, who the stakeholders were and what problems the organization was facing. One of the biggest problem that the club was facing was advertisement and a possible solution would be having a personal club website. Some suggestions or features that my client wanted to add to the website was having a videos page, a role sign up feature, and reservation for club events. Another purpose of the website was to help the club's communication and a way to get the word out. The client also wanted a phone app if possible.
After that I would talk about my activity diagram. The activity diagram basically explains the process of creating a club event. It starts off as an idea then goes through a series of meetings, getting money and with everyone approving of the idea, the idea comes to life.
Next I would talk about my 3 Use cases, which is all related to what the client wanted on the website. the first case is the process of uploading a video onto the website, second case is RSVP to club events and the last use case is officer role sign ups. I will go through each picture and talk about them individually.
Next I would talk about my features and scenarios which is somewhat similar to my Use cases. Also my Low fidelity mock ups are based on my features/ scenarios so I will explain each feature and scenarios along with my Lo-Fis.
Then finally I'll show a couple of screenshots of my HTML prototype which i will add soon and also the final feedback from my client.