Thursday, May 8, 2014

HTML prototype meeting

Final meeting with my client

Thursday May 8,2014
@HPU Sea warrior center

I basically showed my client the HTML prototype of the website or parts of the website. Then I asked him if there were any suggestions or improvements he would like. He said he wanted to see more design and color. He wanted a very flashy website but I told him that I had an extent to web design and I couldn't really do much. I figured I would need to learn CSS or use dream weaver but like i said my web design skills are very novice. My client also told me he wanted me to add in a few extra more sections on certain pages. For example he wanted an announcement page where he could post events and general announcements. I believe that announcement page would probably be similar to facebook's wall or twitter's tweets. He also wanted a little photo album section to post pictures. Another section called daily meetings with specific roles on the RSVP page. Lastly he also mentioned he wanted a little link to facebook, probably to connect to their current club website.

The meeting was recorded and here is the video:

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