Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Activity Diagram and Interview Notes

Interviewee: Jerson Timbobolan (Club President)
Club/Organization : Toastmasters

Interview Notes:
March 12, 2014
1pm – 2pm
Questions for Toastmasters:
What is Toastmasters?
Toastmasters is a club that works on their leadership skills then communication skills follows. Also known as public speaking club
Who are the stakeholders/officers? (also added job description of officers)
President – Jerson T.
VP of education – Michaux H.
        -job is to make the final agenda for every meeting, and to encourage members to do their speeches.  
VP of membership – Tiffany L.
        -recruiter and advocates the club to other people/ potential members
VP of public relations – Sean C.
        -advertiser through social media
Secretary – Stan C.
Treasurer – Lawrence R.?
Any ideas on what you want a program to do?/Problems the club are facing
-advertising, trying to appeal to more people
-possible solution: make a website for the club
–so far, the club is currently using facebook        
-suggestion to be on website: youtube and other social media sites
        -webcast, add videos about the club
 -2 members, wanting to make a website portfolio (professional website)
 -suggestion website feature: communication, RSVP
 -make the website as user friendly as possible
 -maybe phone App to go along with website
  -suggestion website feature: sign up sheets,
          -different roles, sign up, click and sign in

Activity diagram:

Link to google Docs:

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