Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Use Cases

Use Cases project

The organization I am working with is the HPU toastmasters club. One issue they are facing is advertisement and trying to get the club known. One suggestion was for the club to have their very own website and one of the features that will be on the website will be the ability to upload and view videos. The videos will most likely contain current or past club events. This Use case diagram shows how the club president can upload a video and members could view them.

Another feature that my client request was a way for club members to sign up or RSVP for club
events on the website. This diagram shows how members can sign up for events and if they change their mind they could resign. The club president will also have the option to approve or decline rsvps.
The last feature that the club president/my client wanted was a way for the club officers to sign up for roles. Now these roles are basically club roles that the club does for every event/meeting. Some roles are called general evaluator, table topic masters, grammarian, etc. This diagram is basically similar to my second diagram where instead of signing up for events, the officers sign up for roles, they get to choose and sign up for a role, confirm or edit and the club president has the option to approve or edit the roles.

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  1. Great use cases! Really good all round. Only thing is that the images are a bit dark. I have to do Ctrl-A to get an inverse to be able to see them properly - I wonder if that is just me ...?